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Sensory Resources

Sensory Day on Saturday, September 9th

We are excited to announce the partnership of ABS Kids and The Nashville Fair to bring families Sensory Friendly Hours to the Fair! Join us on Saturday, September 9th from 11am to 2pm! We’ll turn down the lights and noise to create a more sensory-friendly environment!

  • Ride the rides with no flashing lights or music.
  • Visit the Fair’s many educational and sensory activities in the morning with fewer crowds.
  • Take a break in EXPO 3 in our soothing Sensory Space in corner booths 8 & 9.

Sensory friendly hours are designed for people who may find the typical fair visit a bit overwhelming. Between the hours of 11am-2pm on Saturday the 9th, attendees will find a more toned-down version of the Fair where the rides will operate with no flashing lights, music, or microphones. Lights will be turned down and there will be no PA announcements.

Sensory Space in the Expo 3 Marketplace

The Nashville Fair has also partnered with ABS Kids to create a designated Sensory Space in EXPO 3 in combined booths 8 & 9 at the Fair. Through this collaborative partnership, we are providing a welcoming, compassionate environment for individuals with ASD and related disabilities including learning difficulties, developmental disabilities, or sensory impairments. Anyone who is experiencing sensory overload is welcome to take a break in this indoor, air-conditioned space that includes sensory bins, fidget toys, and padded flooring.

ABS Kids will be on site to staff the Sensory Space during the designated Sensory Friendly Hours for added support as well as hand out Sensory Kits at the main fair entrance on Craighead St. The designated space itself will be available throughout all ten days of the fair. The Sensory Space can accommodate up to 3 families at a time. EXPO 3 will also feature educational resources and adjacent booths from Be Well, VUMC Sense Lab Autism Study, and Autism Tennessee.


The Sensory Space is a safe place for guests at the Fair to take a break and relax. These rules will help all guests stay safe in the Space:

• Children must always be accompanied by an adult when using the Sensory Space

• Food or drink are not allowed inside the Sensory Space

• Shoes must be worn at all times

• Keep voices calm and quiet

• Respect others' personal space

• Keep hands and feet to your own personal space

• No running or rough play

The sensory room can accommodate up to 3 families at a time. All guests use this area at their own risk.

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